2 Members of Cameroon military elite- BIR killed in Bamenda

Two Members of the rapid intervention battalion -BIR were killed last night in Mulang by Bamenda after the exchange of fire between military and unkown gun which according to alafnet.com sources are persons who have been radicalised following the french speaking Cameroon lead government crack down on its English speaking minority population.

Heavy gun shots were in various parts of the administrative capital of the north west including hospital roundabout and liberty sqaure shortly after 23:40pm local Time 22/1/18.The gun firing arround Bila round appeared to have been the heaviest.

This morning security checks have been mounted in various pla es arround the city and traffic has been highly interupted.

Alafnet.com can not confirmed any additional casaulty but will be following this story closely.
By Moh Mbwam

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