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Honourable Nintcheu Jean Michel of the Social democratic front (sdf) has informed President Biya that” Cameroonians are tired,If he is physically unable to run the country let him Resign “according to communique reaching alafnet.com.

The SDF honourable member of paliament for the Litoral region made the statement while calling for an urgent parliamdntary inquiry into the a Eseka train derailment which according to reports killed some close to 200 people and thousands injured while travelling from Yaounde to Douala friday October 20th 2016.

In his release published in french,the SDF Deputy Nintcheu Jean Michel extended his condolences to the families of te bereived and wished a speedy recovery to the victims and survivors who are obviously still in shock.

Hon. Nintcheu Jean Michel wrote, “Cameroon has once again, faced a real tragedy: dozens of compatriots have passed from life to death following a train derailment at Eseka.
Beyond the emotion and bitterness with in me, it is important to investigate the root causes of Friday’s tragedy.

These casualties are a result of the broken drigde on the National No. 3 at Matomb which led the camrail company to increase rail passenger traffic on the Douala-Yaounde line . It is obviously the responsibilities of both the government of Mr. Biya and Camrail company.
Regarding the Camrail company which has not even issued any condolences to the victims, they have a committement of responsibility.
Despite the argument that camrail was forced by the government to increase passenger traffic, the company which transport goods to the detriment of passenger transport, should have assessed the security risks associated with this government order.
Nothing is worth a human life. From the moment when suspicions weigh on domestic logistics business and the quality of rail infrastructure, the State of Cameroon has an absolute duty to disclose transparently the terms contained in the privatization of the national Board of railways which was once a national pride.
Regarding the responsibility of the government of Mr. Biya, the broken bridge did not brutally cut off that morning but a gradual erosion had been going on for sometime. We have a government that reacts rather than act.

It is therefore the place to question the role of the Directorate of Civil Protection, in the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization.

As part of the Public Investment Budget for 2016 the Ministry of Public Works, the state has allocated FCFA 83,838,155,000 for the “maintenance of roads and other infrastructure, with the aim of improving infrastructures on the national territory.
In this maintenance program,is a planned rehabilitation of the Yaoundé-Douala road totaling 600 million distributed namely as follows ;
-Lot 1: Yaounde Bridge Ndoupè (110 km) in the amount of 300 million FCFA and
-lot 2: Ndoupè-Douala bridge at the bridge sue Dibamba (110 km) in the amount of 300 million FCFA.
The locality of Matomb (68 km from Yaoundé) which suffered subsidence in question is contained in Lot # 1. Nothing can explain how bearly two months to the end of the budget year, this projects has not any started.
The money for the rehabilitation of the Yaounde Ndoupè Bridge section through Matomb has obviously been hijacked. Fortunately nature which by excellence is the ultimate adversary of bad governance has exposed this scandal, like so many others regarding the execution of public investment budget across the country.
The obvious example is indicative of the carelessness by which the Mr. Biya system of management of state expenditures budget.

Yet,The tollgate imposed on motorists and other large carriers generates significant revenues that are supposed to support and improve the state of our roads.
Advanced degradation of almost all of our roads is proof that the management of these revenues been embezzlement by an organized gang.
-What is the Road Fund which aims to finance roads and whose technical supervision by the ministry of public works and for financial supervision the Ministry of Finance for?
-What is the use of the fee of 60 billion FCFA for the account of fiscal 2016 which is levied on the proceeds of the special tax on petroleum products (STPP) for?
-What is the use of the National Roads Board, except the permanent organization of seminars and receptions to consume diems.

In The Ministry of Public Works for example, priority is given to what is to be consumed.
As an illustration, the Ministry of Public Works used in terms of fuel and lubricants 1.555 billion FCFA in 2015 and is supposed to use 1,168,200,000 FCFA in 2016.
As for entertainment expenses, missions, reception and ceremonies, this ministry has consumed 1,926,500,000 FCFA in 2015 and is supposed to use 1,330,950,000 FCFA in 2016, if we stick to the 2015 settlement Act and the 2016 Finance Act.

This human catastrophe once again has occured when the head of state is out of the country. It is undisputed that, following such a drama, other heads of state shorten their stay in a foreign land immediately and return to their countries to show solidarity with the victims. Cameroonians are exasperated by his repeated indifference in several tragedies that have hit the country during his 34 year reign.
Biya is no doubt the first to be responsible for the misappropriation of the budget for road maintenance. If he took his long private stays in different parts of the country rather than the shores of Lake Leman,in Switzerland he would not be out of touch with the degrading states of our road infrastructure.
If the council of ministers, high forum for discussion and arbitration of government records,were kept regularly informed every week or at least every month, assess permanently the different sites declined in Budget public investment as happens in other countries.
Cameroonians are tired,If he is physically unable to run the country let him Resign “.Honourable Nintcheu Jean Michel of the Social democratic front concluded.

By Elad Pride



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