According to some sources, parents of 29 young people, aged 15 to 30, have no news of their children since arrested on 6 December 2016.

Reports say they were taken to the GMI , and later transferred to the central prison in Bamenda on 8 December 2016 following violence in the capital of the North West Region .

Many of these young people are students and is informed that some were just unlookers by the side of street and were not even part of the demonstrations .




They are alleged to have been tortured and  physically abused during and after arrest by the men in uniform .The list include :
1. Chi Nsoh Ringobell
2. Langha Clearance Boi
3. Tatae Ncok
4. Roger Gadinga
5. Asangon Joseph
6. Penny Nickson Asobo
7. Che Roger Funwi
8. Mbah Louis
9. Bah Joel
10. Bruno Taneng
11. Valentine Biyemah
12. Donsong Miafo Herman
13. Ngwa Denis
14. Tikom Charles
15. Niba Oliver

16. Nziki Solomon
17. Nkwenti Sama Emmanuel Penn
18. Mbi Louis
19. Akewo Casen
20. Kenneth Fobah
21. Acha Mbah Valary
22. Atawan Feojus
23. Yembeh Clinton
24. Mudoh Elvis Abong
25. Fongole Lesley
Menia Ferdinand
27. Winceslaus Azeh
28. Tamngwa Malvin Tamngwa
29. Abwuo Desmond Tita




It is vital to note that authorities have failed to communicate the list of those arrested following events in the English-speaking part of Cameroon and arrest are attempts are still been recorded in Bamenda and Kumba according to sources. thinks thatever the reasons for which they were arrested, parents and relatives have the right to know where,why members of their families arrested and the conditions they currently live in.

At the time of this report unconfined reports in Yaounde says at least 10 of detainees transfered from Anglophone Cameroon to a prison in Yaoundé  have  died because of  hunger.

By Elad Pride 


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