Ernest Dikoum, The DG of Camair Co


In a new case of retro commission within Camair-Co, Ernest Dikoum is giving 100million FCFA monthly for an ATR aircraft leasing. The fraud which gathered involves three Cameroonian ministers was initiated after the two MA60 which  the state purchased at a price close to 35 billions FCFA have been grounded leaving Camair-Co with no flying plane.

A well introduced source revealed that a 60-seater aircraft belonging to fly Caminter was recently leased in one of such shady deals.

“The cost of hiring such an aircraft does not exceed $ 1,750 per block hour. But , this small carrier was leased at 2900 euros, or 3250 dollars per block or Aircraft Hour.

The previous management had rented Corendon Airlines, a B737-800 (180 seats) nearly six months ago at the price of 2500 dollars per block hour. For us, it is unimaginable that a 60-seat propeller could be rented at a price more expensive than a B737-800. This may be justified, but in this context it is misleading  “.he said  (editors note -block hour is the time from the moment the aircraft pushes back from the departure gate revenue flight until the moment the aircraft arrives at the arrival gate following its landing or the flight time for the flight plus the taxi time).




Meanwhile,  employees of the state owned airline company (Camair-Co) are opposed to almost every decision of the new Director General since taking office .

In a decision that has exposed some of the conflicts between Ernest Dikoum and trade unionist,the DG had to lease two aircraft through a US company, Jet Trading and Leasing and It was  during a working session with the managers of the operations and maintenance that he introduced the broker company in airplane rental  indicating that it was chosen by The Cameroonian government to accompany CAMAIR-CO in the framework of reinforcing  of its fleet.

Immediately, the executives of the technical management  expressed their reservations. The skeptics then took the case of a 17-year-old B737-800 which had already flown more than 60,000 flying hours were surprised by their boss’s choices.

On the case of another aircraft, the B757, several CAMAIR-CO employees say today that the Boeing consulting plan suggested rather a transformation of the Boeing 767 (Dja) into cargo plane and not the acquisition of an old “frozen” Flying aircraft .



Also,the modification of  organizational chart which dates from 2014  created another rift. This organization chart adopted in October 2014 had been enriched by the subsequent proposed Boeing Consulting for acquire 14 aircrafts.

The’ fake ‘American firm had proposed to transform certain departments in direction, especially those of Training, Flight Operations and Security among others.

But immediately after his appointment at the head Camair-Co, Ernest Dikoum  dismantle the structure of the company to better adapt it to his managerial policy.

According to Cameroon Info.Net, the Department of Special Projects and Investment Planning was the first to be hit.

The head of this department – although appointed by the Board of Directors and the head of the Leasing department – will simply be added to the Maintenance Department. Far from all these concerns, the general management of Camair-Co is surprised that this innocuous fact arouses an interest among trade unionists.

For the trade unionists, the removal of this department whose job it was to ensure follow-up, transparency and even certain traceability in aircraft leasing, technical visits of aircraft, engine overhaul and other major projects, Is a very important issue .

By Edmond Tambe

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