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Information reaching news desk says one of the resolutions of the 21st Ordinary Session of the National Commission of Human Rights and Liberties (CNDHL)which held earlier this week in Yaounde is that 6 Commissioners will investigate human rights abuses which took place during the current Anglophone crisis in Bamenda.

Chaired by its President Dr Chemuta Divine BANDA,the 21st Ordinary Session of the National Commission of Human Rights and Liberties (CNDHL) held in Yaoundé from 20 to 21 December 2016.

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda,Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda, President of the CNDHL.

The two-day session focused on Two major issues, namely the publication of the Commission’s 2015 annual reports and the examination of events relating to the day-to-day operation of the Commission.

Concerning the official publication of the Report on the State of Human Rights in Cameroon in 2015 and the Progress Report 2015, the President indicated in substance the human rights issues examined by the Commission in 2015. which has also reported  the story writes that with regard to the State of Human Rights Report, in 2015, the Commission addressed major issues such as the fight against the Boko Haram terrorist group, land grabbing (the right to Land ownership) and the right to a fair trial in Cameroon.

The President also noted that collaboration with other stakeholders was effective in the protection of human rights in 2015, in particular with elements of the security and law enforcement agencies. In addition, more people responded to the Commission’s call.

Dr BANDA noted that this session took place in the aftermath of a strike by common Law lawyers, teachers, students and individuals in the North West and South West Cameroon which began since October, 2016.

In the opinion Of the President, these protest have been characterized clearly by violations of human rights.

To this end, CNDHL  insist that dialogue between the protesting parties is crucial for the maintenance of peace in our society. The Commission also indicated that investigations should be conducted in all cases of human rights violations reported.

Other elements of the agenda included presentation, consideration and adoption of the Draft Collective Agreement of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, the examination and adoption of the  Commission’s draft 2017 budget of CFAF 400 million, consideration and adoption of the report of the 20th Ordinary Session and the plans for the 2016 Progress Reports and the Report on the State of human rights of the Commission.

The State of Implementation of the Resolutions and Recommendations of the 20th Ordinary Session was also presented by the Secretary-General of the Commission.


At the end of the session, members adopted a resolutions and recommendations amongst which was the fact that a team of 6 Commissioners, led by the President of the Commission, will investigate the situation of those arrested in Bamenda and transferred to Yaoundé during the strike which Shook the capital of the Northwest Region.

The President will issue a statement to inform the general public of the results of the investigation.

Members also resolved that  future reports of the Commission on the situation of human rights in Cameroon be validated by civil society organizations.

The Commission recommended that  consideration be given to translating of some of these documents into Braille and commits to redoubling efforts for the promotion and protection of human rights in general, Security and law enforcement.

More action is needed to mobilize resources from development partners for better implementation of its activities.

In his final speech, the President wished all participants a happy new year 2017.

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