Police have ratcheted up their search for persons suspected of triggering the demonstrations that engulfed Kumba on Friday, December 9.

The suspect ringleaders are reportedly on the run following reports of imminent police investigations and arrest, The Post has learnt.

Among those said to be in hiding are motorcycle taxi riders (bendskin).

Though no name has filtered to the public space, The Post gathered that security officials are busy reviewing the incident in an attempt to fish out those who might have exploited the lawyers’ and teachers’ strike to cause public disorder.

It is reported that the search light is focused mainly on bendskins who constituted a chunk of persons who caused shops and other business centres to shut down.

In the face of the developments, there are reports of increasing fragmentation among the bendskins with counter accusations taking centre stage.

Some of the riders are said to be cagey that their leaders may leak out names of suspects to the security.

Unconfirmed reports talk of the disappearance of a number of persons since the street protest occurred. It is unclear if the missing individuals fell into the drag net of the security or have escaped on their own accord.




Since last Friday’s incident, there is still a heavy presence of police officers on the streets of Kumba alongside an anti-riot police van parked in front of the Kumba Central Police Station.

From dusk to till dawn, the security officers surface at popular joints in town and are picked up at nightfall.

The Post gathered that the move has been in anticipation of another street demonstration on Monday, December 12 after the information went viral.

Street Destroyed

Days after the demonstration, Kumba dwellers have been lamenting over the destruction on the lone dual carriage street in the city where tyres were burnt.

Commuters have turned to cursing the protesters for failing to preserve what has already been achieved in an attempt to send a message to the powers that be.

Several other spots on the street in the Fiango neighbourhood have also developed cracks after protesters set fire on them.

It would be recalled that, the 2.5-km dual carriage way in Kumba was the fruit of extra lobbying from the elite after the construction of the Muntengene-Kumba road ended at the entrance into the main hub of the metropolis.

It cost the government some additional FCFA 5 billion for the road to be tarred.

The current disruption adds up to the street lamps on the same stretch of road that have fast disappeared just a few years after the road was constructed due to multiple road accidents.


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