After claiming this piracy, the hackers say they are from the English-speaking Regions. They imply by their action that they can no longer remain insensitive to the ill-treatment inflicted by the authorities on their brothers in the Southwest and the North-West.

This information is relayed by the daily newspaper Le Jour of January 27, 2017. As of January 25, 2017, the website of the Ministry of Higher Education has been the victim of a piracy.  From the columns of French daily Le Jour , we learn that the threat was claimed by a group called Cameroon Cyber ​​Force (CCF). The latter had posted on the MINESUP site a message in English “which was subsequently withdrawn”, says the daily.

According to these hackers, their action aims to support the Anglophone protest. They presented  themselves as Cameroonians from the English-speaking regions, in solidarity to their brothers in the North-West and South-West. They say they can no longer remain insensitive to the ill-treatment inflicted by the authorities on their English-speaking brothers.

“They claim that the leaders are corrupt and do not respect the constitution. The hackers of the Web argue that they will no longer be passive in front of the physical and psychological violence set in motion by the security forces, “writes the daily.


In addition, the CCF sets a number of conditions for the President of the Republic (PR) and the Prime Minister (PM). They are: “The restoration of the Internet connection in the former West Cameroon, the liberation of the leaders of the English-speaking civil society consortium and those arrested during the demonstrations in the Anglophone Regions, the return to federalism and the resignation of Ministers Fame Ndongo and Atanga Nji “.

In case the above demands are not executed, the CCF promises to attack the digital portals of the Presidency of the Republic and the services of Philemon Yang.

This group has the slogan “We will resist you”

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