“I was able to make calls to some gendarme officers who currently guard Justice AYAH Paul. There is tension among security agents inside SED where Ayah Paul is currently being held; two opposing camps have been naturally constituted. There is a camp taking strict orders from the regime with instructions to do away with Ayah at all cost. There is a second camp made up of both anglophones and some francophone secret service agents who are very disappointed at the manner in which a sitting Supreme Court judge was brutally arrested. A security agent confided in me yesterday that AYAH PAUL is currently in an air tight 2 m * 1.5 m unventilated closed room with no window and constant intentional power failure. He added that Ayah almost passed out on Saturday night owing to heat exhaustion as some of their colleagues were instructed to cut off power supply in his cell to add to his torture.
Asked if Ayah had been inflicted bodily harm, the security made no comment to that effect but said he had a swollen face by Tuesday evening. He concluded that if Ayah’s conditions were not improved upon, he fears he may give up. He equally adds that Ayah was forced to sign documents he couldn’t read due to poor eyesight. He was refused to use his glasses before reading. I contacted Ayah’s lawyer on phone who said no charges had been leveled against his client and that upon insistence to know why he is being kept, they told hom to his face that he too could get arrested.
I hope the US Embassy and other Western embassies are reading…

Share this message worldwide until somebody knows what is going on.
My Comment: Chase out that idiot called a president outta Europe. Grab him by the balls. Some nyamfucka sef!
AKOSON – AYAH’s Private Secretary currently at large.”


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