4 Cameroon miltary helicopters firing civilians in Mamfe

Four Cameroon military helicopters have attacked civilian positions in Egbekaw village in Mamfe town in what Yaounde calls a “terrorist raid” on Southern Cameroons militants.

Grenades were dropped on Egbekaw and heavy gun firing at some residence. No casualties have been reported but a source there alot of private properties have been destroyed. As we write there is total panic amongst the civilian pupolation.

Alafnet.com is aware the helicopters flew from a military base located in Besongabang to attack the Egbekaw village in Manyu Division.

On Wednesday night breaking Thursday reports from Dadi in the same mamyu division say army suffers another heavy casualty when Cameroonian military launched an attack in the area on Restoration forces. The heavy lost in Dadi is believed to have caused Yaounde to call for air support.
We will be following events in Mamfe as its develops.
By Alana Yuo

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