Ambazonia: Biya’s plead for military support from France fails on death Eyes has been reliably informed  that the president of the Republic of Cameroon ,Paul Biya requested  for help from France  to continue his genocide on Ambazonians.

Mr Biya’s plea for military and financial support  to the French government was made a  day before the one world summit in Paris- France . He was  vehemently told by Marcon’s government to go and solve the anglophone  crisis.The tone of the French shocked Biya who said the financial support was to carry development projects in the two English speaking regions when asked.The Europeans instead responded they will sponsored and supervised development project themselves in anglophone Cameroon once Biya solves  the  current crisis as intructed, a source confirmed .

In what has been one of his shortest European visit ever,Confused Biya was forced to returned to Cameroon immediately after the summit . Siting sources  within the Cameroon military ,the press  reported that the 85 years old leader has ordered his troops withdraw from Mamfe  . (Still to be seen).

France calls for dialogue between the two Cameroona

The French Republic has asked leaders of both Republic of Cameroon and the newly declared fed. Republic of Ambazonia  (former British Cameroon or English-speaking region of Cameroon) to find a common ground of appeasement in the current anglophone crisis that has rocked the Central  African state for more than a year now.

In a statement by the spokesman for the French foreign office at the Quai d’Orsay on the current situation in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon,he calls for appeasement and understanding of both parties for a way out of the current anglophone crisis.


When asked What role  Paris can play in trying to calm the continues  deteriorating situation in the English-speaking region of Cameroon, The French foreign ministry spokesman said, ” France is paying close attention to the situation in Cameroon, a friend and partner country.


We expressed our concern after the October incidents in the English-speaking regions, which resulted in several casualties. We have also condemned recent crimes against law enforcement officials.

We call all actors to excesise restrain and reject violence. We encourage the resolution of tensions through dialogue, with a view to responding, in a peaceful and concerted manner, to the concerns of all parties while respecting the unity and integrity of the country. These are messages that we also pass to the Cameroonian authorities.”

By Edmond Tambe

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