American City Council Recognises Southern Cameroons Independence.

The mayor of the Lowell City Council, USA calls the “anglophone regions” – Republic of Southern Cameroons.

On May 2, the city council voted unanimously to state that the Southern Cameroons have the right to self determination. They have now upgraded that to declaring that the Southern Cameroons is an independent state.
They look forward to engaging diplomatic relationship with local councils in the Southern Cameroons.

The city council promises to engage sister councils all over America to recognise Southern Cameroons independence restoration.

They are equally adopting the Southern Cameroons independence restoration case; and are bent on putting unbearable pressure on the Trump Administration to act and act fast.

Meanwhile, the King of Mankon, Fon ANGWAFOR sends special regards to the city council of Lowell, USA.

My Comment: ‘I beg make October 1st come quick quick oh. Upon our independence declaration, several groups, countries will recognise us just like the city of Lowell. The Facebook Republic is breaking new grounds as days go by. Our independence is sure. Keep the RUSH – Resist Until Something Happens.


From a federalist to a nationalist. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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