Anglophone Cameroon Political Activist Tapang Ivo Tanku officially writes to FBI, Facebook and US Government

Tapang Ivo Tanku

Following the recent scandal of a certain Bamilike lady in the US Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello, who used Ivo’s name to collect funds in the name of helping Anglophone victims back at home, English speaking Cameroonians have virtually fought her to the extend that apparently out of guilt, the same Sylvie reported Tapang Ivo Tanku to Facebook, FBI and the US Government.

Reporting Ivo on Facebook is a way to get his profile blocked.

The FBI too informed Ivo that someone had reported him to them as well

Ivo the positive fighter how ever did not fold his arm as he has touched all headquarters involved to clear his name which is cleared already.





Below is an open letter written by Ivo to Facebook, US Government and FBI.
Dear FBI, Facebook, U.S. government,

Kindly note that anyone reporting us and requesting that our accounts should be shut down works for a brutal gangster regime in Cameroon that has been killing and terrorizing its own innocent people since 1982. The regime does strangle alternative voices like the social media that holds its brutish elites including religious leaders to account and questions power.

Please Sir / Madam, note also that I, most especially, have never advocated for violence or war in my rogue state called Cameroon. I instead run a platform that allows citizens to freely express themselves in a democratic way. You can watch all my videos online to see what I am talking about. Some videos even teach my millions of jobless citizens how to write cover letters, design resumes and get credible jobs.







The gangster regime is falling and they have sent agents to write terrible letters against a few of us fighting against their terror in our own country. Please, instead of hitting at us, extradite persons like President Paul Biya or Tchiroma Bakari so that they can be tried in democratic Western courts.

We are using your open and transparent platform to restore freedoms, democratic accountability, the rule of law and inclusive dialogue. We are solution-oriented and peace-oriented. We want to drain the swamp in Cameroon and set our terrorized citizens free from this North Korean-styled regime.

Merry Christmas from your freethinker and solution-oriented critic.

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