Another 5 soldiers killed in the SW region of Cameroon

Five military personnel of La Republique du CameroUn origin were discovered dead at a check point early this Sunday morning at Manyu county.

They were immediately taken to the Mamfe mortuary. One of the medical doctors and at least three visitors to the hospital confirmed that ‘dead bodies of men in military uniforms were brought to the hospital by a vehicle belonging to the la republic military elite BIR(rapid intervention battalion ) ‘.

By the time of this publications report,no group had claimed responsibility for the attack.Even officials of the Ambazonia Governing Council, the AGC had not replied to our email on the subject .

On some related news, the town of Muyuka and its environs were heavily militarised since last night. Two civilians confirmed dead by brutal military crackdown at Munyenge. Truck loads of colonial forces from La Republique are moving to the Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia.

It would appear at least 5 different Ambazonian groups are on patrol to defend homeland and their target is to push away the colonial forces.
Civilians are advised to stay at home and avoid receiving stray bullets if exchange of fire ensues.

By Akoson Pauline .

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