Authorities arresting owners of small fire arms & farm tools in Anglophone Cameroon

Authorities of the Republic of Cameroon have begun a massive arrest on owners of small fire arms and farm tools in Anglophone Cameroon and labelling the owners as terrorists.

News reachibg early this week revealed colonial forces seized a large stock of small arms and farm tools in Muyenge in the South west region.see attach photo

Farm tools ceased by colonial forces in Muyenge

Following the escalation of events in recent days in the South West and North West regions, local authorities have initiated a the operation with systematic indiscriminate digging of houses, we learn.

During these various searches, the security forces arrest all persons holding any artisanal weapon weapons.
It should be noted that this operation comes a few days after the death of four members of the defense and security forces who have been shot dead by forces loyal to Ambazonia defence force(ADF) ,which hashould also claimed responsibilty for the bombs explosions in  Bamenda two days ago.



We understand ADF of Dr Ayaba Cho  is not acting under the authority of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front ( Scacuf) as most french Camerooon paper are reporting.

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