Bambili  stormed Fon’s palace demanding over 70 motorcycles burnt by Cameroon Military 

The population of Bambili in the Northwest region have this morning Oct. 5th,2107 as one man stormed the palace of  Fon Tamukum II  demanding their more than seventy (70 )motorcycles burnt by the regime military on Southern Cameroons independence day October 1st.

According to information relayed to from Bambili, the angry population is unhappy  Fon   who is supposed to stand with them turn against his people calling on colonial military who eventually destroyed their lively wood.

Fon Tamukum II

Fon Tamukum II of Bambili, rang the colonial military to arrest all those who had marched and hoisted the  Southern Cameroons flag in his palace to celebrate the independence day of the former British trust territy  .

The heavily armed men in uniform decended in to Bambili breaking  , arresting ,extorting money  and destroying sattlelite dishes causing the youths who had raised the Southern Cameroon flag in their Fon’s palace to escape in to the bushes. The army gathered motor bicycles before resulting to BURNING over seventy of them  and seizing atleast ten cars  .

This morning youths matched to the Bambili place to demand the Fon replace all the bicycles which were gathered and burnt by the colonial forces .


Meanwhile sources in Bamenda , Ndop, Balikumbat and Nkwen like in  other parts from anglophone Cameroon are reporting rampant killing and stealing of corpse  by the army of occupation to hide any traces or evident of the mascacred.

English speaking regions of Cameroon is still without  internet for close to a week now.

Though can not confirm,  local reports talks of a mass grave in Buea which was already prepared before the military where dispatched to go and kill armless civilians.

By Moh Mbawm

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