Bishop Bala fought pedophilia was murdered body was dropped by copter into river is getting reports that the populations of Tsang by Monatele in the centre region where the body of the Bishop of Bafia was discovered are indicating that they saw a helicopter overflying in the night from Thursday to Friday between 2 am and 4 am . The copter throw an object in shape of a body in the water where the  Body of the “Bishop” of Bafia was found.

This revelation has all its meaning insofar as the body of the bishop who disappeared since Wednesday displayed body stiffness with his right right hand resting on his chest when the remains of the Bishop was found  a 9am on Friday . Looking at the body of the late man of God early Friday, he had not spent up to 12 hours in the water . This is confirmed by the fact that His belly is not bloated and he has no water in his lungs either. So therefore the argument of suicide is uncalled for. Everything suggests that Bishop Balla, born was murdered given the state of the corpse.



According to some indiscretions, the late Bishop of Bafia  had transmitted urgent documents on the sexual abuse  by members of government on youth faces in catholic church in Cameroon to the Apostolic Nuncio .This document would have been the cause of his dead .

Our source, continues that he had been warned to drop an investigation in Bafia after he uncovered a gang of pedophiles and sodomites constituting top regime barons in Yaounde; conducting immoral and diabolic acts for the purposes of rituals in his Diocese. Obviously the killing of Mgr. Balla will normalize the evils of the Unity Palace.

To raise the argument of complicit, the official vehicle of a top clergyman spends  more than half a day on a bridge and nobody seems bother about it? Besides, the Vatican had published on May 31st that Bishop Jean-Marie Benoît Balla had died before updating that the man of God who was ordained priest by late arch Bishop Zang Zoa  died June ,2ndind attached copy.


As if that is not enough, the deceased bishop had sent his findings to the Apostolic Nuncio on May ,29th; therefore ROME knows about his findings as well. The Cameroonian clergy took the responsibility to appeal directly to the intervention of his masters of the Vatican City after his discoveries and the murder of his collaborator Fr Armel Collins Ndjama, a priest serving in his diocese, and a ctop investigator in the pedophilia ring, who was buried a fortnight ago.




Bishop Balla was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Yaoundé on June 20, 1987.He was appointed Bishop of Bafia on May 3, 2003 and consecrated on July 12 of that same year. The Diocese of Bafia has more than 200,000 Catholics.

by Edmond Tambe


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