Bishop Bala’s Gruesome murder:Cameroon demands a second autopsy!










Lifeless body of Bishop Bala.

After the first autopsy which concluded that the bishop of Bafia, mgr Benoit Balla was assassinated,Yaoundé has demanded a second autopsy, which undoubtedly will rekindle the case of the mysterious death of the Bishop of Bafia diocses.


After the first autopsy results , The Directorate General of National Security has demanded a second autopsy one month after the discovery of the body of the bishop.

A request already perceived by the Cameroonian public as an attempt ‘to cover up facts of the gruesome killing of the bishop. The reason behind this move by the regime is because of the “overwhelming” results of the first autopsy.

The first autopsy results,revealed that the prelate was murdered after being subjected to turture for several hours. The inquiry into the last hours of the bishop  also concluded that he would have been abducted by an armed “commando”from his diocese in Bafia .


This demand for a second autopsy on the body of the prelate comes just days after two  emissaries from the Vatican visited Cameroon.It is reported that  these emissaries were in Cameroon Till the end of June and had been having meetings with the Cameroonian authorities in connection with the investigation into the death of the Bishop of Bafia.

The request for a second autopsy is already causing some reaction within Cameroon,where the public appears to be  very disturbed by the  coverup surrounds the death of Bishop Bala.

Even the Bishops’ Conference of Cameroon , which confirmed the  assassination of their colleague, recently threatened not to accept the remains of Bishop Bala until the official publication of the autopsy report as well as the indentificaton of the culprits.


The prelate’s funeral scheduled for 14 June was postponed to an indefinite date. 

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