Biya’s allie thinks A. Muna will not make a good president for Cameroon

Gregoire Owona, Minister of Labor and Social Security who also moonlights as the Deputy Secretary General of the ruling Cameroon people demonstratic movement  party( CPDM),thinks
Akéré Muna will not be a good president .


Guest on  BBC radio  Africa and Africa N ° 1 Paris last Saturday.  Owona announced that Paul Biya is for the moment the only candidate of his party in the presidential election next year.

Gregory Owona, Minister of Labor and Social Security

During the rsdio debate program broadcasted from Douala on 21 October 2017 ,the Minister  was asked about several topics including the current Anglophone crisis.

Responding to a question about the form of the state that needs to be debated, he said: “From the moment we give conditions for dialogue , we can not dialogue anymore. If you have people who give conditions  to the government in power we can not dialogue. Cameroon is not the only country in the world where we talk about secession. Today we have several countries in the world talking about secession -do you know any country  which the sessetionist group have made  conditions for dialogue and where the secession went well ?if so where did  it  happened? I do not know any Owona said”.

An observer talking to following the statement the member of CPDM central committee notes that clearly, Owona knowing or unknowingly didn’t understand the Southern Cameroons problem as the People of the two English regions were once independent in 1961 and are seeking restoration .

In the video below,former francophone journalist carefully explained what minister is aware of.


Gregorie Owona further added that the  Prime Minister is willing to meet even the secessionists.

Addressing  the leaders of the  current crisis in the  two English-speaking regions which is shang Cameroon,  Biya’s allied said : “I am telling them clearly that there is no prerequisite to ask outside meetings with the authorities who are responsible for the management of the country.  They should go and meet these authorities, that they should  reach out to them and that they will respond to  them clearly. Talking on social networks or in the media is not the solution. We do not manage a country through the  media. The media is a management tool. One of many, “he said, suggesting that they meet with the Prime Minister who is” on the spot “.There is no reason for the current government mission in English-speaking lands to fail,He adds.

Akere Tabeng Muna

Commenting on the 2018 Presidential Election, Gregoire Owona subjects that those who have indicated  they will be running as candidates for next presidential election to wait. For him Akéré Muna, one of the candidates who has declared his intentions to stand  , would not make a good president. The Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM also announces that Paul Biya is for the moment the only candidate of his party for the next presidential election. ..

By Moh Mbwam

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