Biya’s Arrest Warrants against S. Cameroons leaders is a hoax-Interpool

Interpol Dismisses News Of International Arrest Warrant!!!

A close aid to Meng Hongwei ( President of Interpol) has confided in National Telegraph that news about Arrest Warrants against some English-speaking Cameroonians is a hoax.

The source who spoke to National Telegraph’s Editor-in-chief, Eric Tataw, Friday November 17, 2017 said the International Criminal Police Organization popularly known as Interpol hasn’t received any list from the Cameroon Government demanding arrest of any sort.

National Telegraph has also been told that if Interpol had received any arrest warrants, it would have made it public and ask for assistance from host countries for suspects to get arrested and extradited. Our source also hinted that Interpol is busy preparing for part two of SIIP ( Speaker Identification Integrated Project) due to take place on November 22, 2017 in Lyon, France. According to our source, Interpol is busy preparing to receive at least 70 participants from 20 countries in this conference and issues of arrests if they ever existed would have been announced and treated with urgency and procedure.

National Telegraph was again told that arrest warrants might be received in future against whosoever but procedures must be followed. While adding that it’s almost impossible to arrest people in political circumstances, our source concluded there’s no Red Notice against any Cameroonian on Interpol’s desk.

This declaration comes to debunk the fake news on the issue. News of some fifteen and even more arrest warrants on Interpol’s desk had spread like wildfire. Many held the opinion that Cameroonian Authorities had issued warrants against Anglophone Secessionists notably Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, President of the “Federal Republic of Ambazonia”, amongst others.

General unrest lingers day and night in Cameroon as some schools still remain shutdown for more than a year now with fire incidents becoming a routine and killing, arresting and jailing of Anglophones now a full-time job for Mr. Biya’s military.

Just recently, some Anglophones claimed responsibility for the burning down of the Glass House (Cameroon’s National Assembly). Amid all these, Sisiku has preached peace but remains resilient. He was even captured on video saying he would die fighting for the Independence of Southern Cameroons.

By Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA.

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