Cameroon -20th May Celebrations:Bamilekes showcase their numerical superiority in K’ba

Close to 50 Bamileke meeting groups stormed the Kumba ceremonial grounds and marched past in front of the new SDO for Meme, on 20th May. They left their Anglophone brothers, especially the native Bafaws and Bakundus, watching in awe and shame.
Ever head of this political party called The Patriots in Cameroon? They didn’t
show up in Yaounde to march, but they did in Bamenda.
Bamileke in Kumba have used the occasion of the 45th National day to once again demonstrate that they control not only the economy but also the social and political life of K-town, the capital of Meme Division and economic hub of the SW region. Rubbishing calls for ghost towns by fleeing Consortium and SCNC militants, Bamilekes in Kumba trooped into the ceremonial grounds in their thousands and stole the show during the traditional march past on Saturday 20th May.
Observers said the massive and preponderant turnout of the Bamilekes not only rubbished boycott calls by some opposition parties and Southern Cameroons enthusiasts, it also portrayed in many was the “settlers” from the West region as the de-facto pacemakers of Kumba.
Marching past and chanting patriotic songs in front of the new Meme SDO, Chamberlain Ntou’ouNdong, the discernibly confident and enthusiastic Bamileke men and women, clad in uniforms of different designs and colours, left their native hosts in Kumba watching in utter shame and awe.

            “We cannot joke with the unity of our country. Those who are preaching ghost towns and separation do not love this country; they do not love us strangers. But we must prove to them that we feel at home here and our stay here does not depend on what they say or how they feel. We are all Cameroonians and we must learn to accept and live together with other Cameroonians everywhere we find ourselves in this our beautiful and peaceful country,’ said a visibly satisfied Bamileke resident after the march past in Kumba.
            He noted: “I was born here and have spent all my life here. All my investments are also here. So when some misguided locals start talking of Southern Cameroons, they are indirectly saying that I have no right to be here. But I say no to all these. Cameroon is, and shall remain one and indivisible.”
            The popular presence of the Bamilekes added real pump and colour to the National Day festivities in Kumba which events would have probably been a no-show without the “Bosnians from the West”.

Activities at the Kumba ceremonial ground started with the award of medals of honour to some meritorious persons for their outstanding performance in serving the nation. This was followed by the military and civilian march past, which saw the Army, Gendarmes, Police, Customs and Warders marching past. They were closely followed by a few primary, secondary and high schools and students of the HTTTC Kumba.
Only three political parties took part in the march past viz CPDM, UNDP and ANDP.
Speaking at the end of the one and half hour march past, the Meme SDO, Ntou’ouNdong, expressed satisfaction at the massive turnout and the great success of the festivities.
It should be recalled that on the eve of the 20th May, a “Peace Walk” was organized in the morning. The SDO used the opportunity to sensitize the population on the need to be law-abiding, peaceful and loving of their brothers and neighbours.

Source: The Median Newspaper

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