Cameroon:ACHIDI ACHU Humiliated in Pinyin -NW

In the furtherance of our report on ‘elite dogs’ tour of the Southern Cameroons, our field reporters assigned to the Simon ACHIDI ACHU delegation to Santa report some melodrama that took place at Buchi Pinyin Palace as well as Pinyin Central.

Day 1

On Sunday 15th Oct 2017, former PM and house slave, Simon Achidi Achu and Fru Jonathan visited the Buchi Pinyin Palace situated some 4 miles from Santa Town. They deliberately caused their visit to coincide with the Buchi Development Organisation meeting. The Chairlady of the meeting had very tough words for Achidi Achu and his team. Hear her;

“…Before my mother died, I used to hear about Pa Achu. While growing up through nursery and secondary school we learned about Pa Achu. I got married and delivered a child who is now a university graduate who happens to be living with me; yet, one still hears of Pa Achu…”

This very smart and brave lady from Buchi continued by posing a question to the octogenarian former PM that left Pa Achu dumbfounded; “…sir, are you not ashamed that at your age you ought to be resting instead of going around to deceive us…?” With this question, she ordered the other youths who were attending their development meeting until the dog elites arrived to abandon the house slaves that had come from Yaounde. So, everyone arose in a chorus and left them in shame. The confused delegation gazed at each other for several minutes in complete bewilderment. Pa Achu was overheard telling a member of his delegation that he expected this from the people and that he’d advised Yaounde against the tour!

Day 2

On Monday Oct 16, 2017, the same team led by Achidi Achu and Fru Jonathan moved to Pinyin Central. They pitched their tent at Ndapang Market where they met some hungry traitors calling themselves village nobles. Achidi and his men succeeded to rally a little bit over 10 men and two ladies (all of them above 40 years of age). They bought beer and began back to school lecture. Close to 15 minutes into their talk, a large group of irate youths stormed the venue and chased everyone away. All the bottles of beer were destroyed and non was drunk by anyone.

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