Cameroon Anglophone crisis causes Blood Battle  in the National Assembly

The current  Anglophone crisis rocking Cameroon for more than a year ,is now causing Blood Battle  in the National Assembly.

A short video taking rounds on Social Media,  glaringly showed a member of parliament from the CDU party and that of the ruling party CPDM of menchu Wallang Richard throwing insults to the extend in which the MP using her shoe  burst the MPs head of the anglophone member of the CPDM in  the upper house of the National Assembly.
The wife of Adamu Ndam Njoya, Hon. Tomaino Ndam Njoya, in the video of which has attached below ,removed her heels after a heated verbal exchange about the current anglophone crisis  ,  injured the head of Hon. Wallang Richard, CPDM MP for Menchum South.

Note that since this November session started, sdf MPs have been demanding the inclusion of the  crisis in the two English regions in to the agenda of discussion to no avail.

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