Anglophones Arrested in Buea,B’da continuesly been spread throughout french Cameroon . is getting reports from an angry military source that most Anglophones abducted from their homes in Buea,Bamenda and their environs between the 23rd of September and the 4th of October 2017 are being ferried as far as Maroua ,Ngaoundere,Ebolowa,Bertoua, all in the French speaking region of Cameroon and not to jails in colonial Yaoundé .

They will be tagged and staged as arrested criminals wherever to hide any information sipping through if any rights group was to visit Yaounde’s jails to investigation this text book genocide currently going in Anglophone Cameroon.Another reason we are told maximum security prison of Kondengui in Yaounde is already more than full to capacity .

Last night, three seventy (70)seater buses belonging to the Amour Mazam transport agency transported more than one hundred (100 )youths abducted in Bamenda and and it’s surroundings accompanied by heavily armed soldiers has not arrived Yaounde this morning.
Asked why the Cameroon military after massacred, hurryly steal the corpse to unknown distinations ,the military officer informs that on Yaoundé instructions each of the two regional capitals now mass grave.Though he refused locating them ,he was very optimistic locals will discovered the mass graves very soon because it is in their terrain.

The unhappy officer further adds that those arrested are usually been hand pick to carried corpses to the mass grave before bring shot in this journey of no return.

In kumba,On the Night breaking the 3rd of Oct. you could hear the military broking into people’s houses even a distance. The incidence which usually happens around midnight has forced many residents to the bushes. ” You can hear the military speaking only in french language abducting youths ,shooting some on their legs and looting their properties. The dead toll and number of missing people just in kumba alone is surely more than 500 people,”confirms a fiango residense on the phone to

As this text book genocide which has been in planning for over 57 years continues,Kumba Central Police has now been transformed in to a torture camp with many wounded and others continuesly being tortured.
There is a pool of blood on the walls and floors of the cell as it host several Southern Cameroonians abducted on October 1st immediately after the peaceful celebratios of the independence of the Southern Cameroons,bareta News reported Wednesday.

In other parts of the South West region ,local reports from nearby bushes says the nocturnal La Republique’s Military has invaded homes in Bangem ,nguti,akwaya,Mamfe to maim, attack and kill.
By Anja terrence

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