Cameroon Deployed 3 Military Helicopters to Mamfe.

The government of the republic of Cameroon has deployed three (3) Military Helicopters to Mamfe,capital of manyu division.

An Eyewitness confirmed the three (3 )Military Helicopters landed in Besongabong airport,which is about six ( 6) minutes drive by road from Mmafe Town.
The same source also notes that the copters drops some soldiers and later transporting what the same source believes are corpses of Military killed recently in various parts of manyu division .

Though Cameroon military spokesman colonel Babjeck  announced over state media Crtv that Yapinde is winning the war declared by president Biya on the Southern Cameroons ,ground subjest at least thirty one ( 31) Cameroon soldiers were killed on the 24th of December 2017 in Agborkem German .This latest figure, takes the tally of military casualty to at least 150.

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