Cameroon : End of Paul Eleng Che’s functions plurality

On December 11, 2017, a presidential decree ended Paul Elung Che’s plurality of functions. Indeed, since October 2015, he was deputy minister of finance and managing director of the Oil and gas stabilization fund (Caisse de stabilisation des Prix des hydrocarbures-CSPH).

Through the decree, Paul Biya, Cameroon’s president, appointed Okie Johnson Ndoh as CSPH’s managing director. Paul Elung Che remains the deputy minister of finance. The new managing director is a state inspector and he was the Director for General Affairs at the ministry of civil service and administrative reforms.

The decree also appointed Véronique Manzoua, Moampea Mbio’s widow, as the director’s assistant. Born on January 1st, 1947, in Batouri, she is a pathologist, Doctor of human medicine from Cameroon’s University of medicine (1978) and holds a social works state degree obtained in 1971 in France.

With the liberalization of the downstream petroleum sector in 1998, CSPH (created in 1974) ensures the regular supply of oil and gas in the country by regulating prices and stocks. It also acts as a regulator which arbitrates when needed to insure a healthy competition between operators of the sector.
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