Cameroon :Ex- Minister Frédéric Kodock enroute to Kondengui

Reports says Former Minister for agriculture, Augustin Frédéric Kodock has been caught up in his past embezzlement and maybe heading to prison because of a 173 million FCFA that disappeared from the public space during his time in office.

We are told Two delivery contracts for 260 atomizers and 253, 125 sachets of insecticide of respective values ​​of 84.21750 million FCFA and 88.713 300 million are the subject of legal proceedings against several agents of the Ministry of Agriculture and rural development (Minader). The preliminary investigations conducted by the Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police (Drpj) ànd subsequently by the specialized arm of judicial police of the Special Criminal Court (TCS) revealed that the company Intex of Mr Massimb Simeon Sylvain, who won these two public contracts has till date delivered only 2 tons of the expected 24 tons of pesticides for an amount of 93.360 million FCFA.

In the end, 172,932,050 million CFA francs which was made available under the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) initiative is still unaccounted for by the Cameroonian government. In the file 026 / RGTCS / 2018, we also learn that the former Minister of Agriculture (Minagri), Augustin Frederic Kodock is also caught up in this case.

According to l’Emergence ,the testimony of Sieur SilaNeke Athanase whose words were taken by the magistrate Jean Claude Taghim yesterday 27 March 2018, the minister at the time would have even decided to put the career of his collaborators on the brink of they did not facilitate the payment of the tendered and undelivered contracts to his “friend” Albert Moïse Njambe ,which learnt allowed him to gain his place in the Biya lead government.

As a reminder, the lawsuits against Moses Albert Njambe was haulted. Regarding the co-diversion of public assets (DBP), Massimb Simeon Sylvain, Raymond Mvoumbo, Frederic Olle Mvele, Mpe Jean Michel and Aba Mvondo Alain Cyrille, will have to justify the where about of 93,360 million FCFA. Mboge Georges Mboge and Etombi Tumenta Rita are accused of complicity. Because of his statements, Sila Neke Athanase and Etame Akoulong Jean Jacques, Ebodé Ndjana, Dibengue Bondembe Berthold must answer questions on the where about of 172 million FCFA.

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