Cameroon Ex-minister Attested in Nigeria was in possession of 900 million fcfa & 17 credit cards

The former Minister of Water and Energy of the Republic of Cameroon was in possession of several million CFA francs when the agents of the Directorate General of External Research (DGRE) got hold of him in Nigeria. The information has been revealed Cameroonian whistleblower Boris Bertolt.

According to the investigative journalist, “he was in possession of a black briefcase in which were all his travel documents, financial records, several hundred million FCFA of about 900 million FCFA and 17 credit cards. ”

This figure is very close to the amount of money Basile Atangana Kouna paid the persons who helped him in his escape.

The Ex-minister has allegedly also told a relative that he had decided to return to Cameroon after the arrest of his wife by agents of the special criminal court.Words believes to have been used to make the Cameroonian justice believe he was not on the run.

He is currently held in Kondengui
Maximum security prison in Yaounde,were we are told he has completely renovated his cell into a modern suit.

Information reaching also confirms that the vicar of the parish of Mokolo in Yaoundé,
Father Abbot Nkodo who was arrested for facilitatung Atangana kouna’s escape has just been released.

The vicar of the parish of Mokolo in Yaoundé was arrested and detained at Gso Yaoundé for exploitation and complicity of embezzlement with the former Minister of Water and Energy.

The man of God is a relative to Basile Atangana Kouna, and is also suspected of having sheltered the former fugitive at home before leaving the country.

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