Cameroon-hit and run driving :Director of General Affairs at the Presidency in critical condition

Director of General Affairs of the Presidency of Cameroon,Mr.  Hessana Mahamat was hit by a Toyota Dyna 6000 truck carrying domestic gas cylinders .

The accident occurred around 5am on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at the Marc Vivien Foe avenue in Yaounde where he was performing his every morning physical exercises. understands that during his fall, Hessana Mahamat,who is also chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency and a substitute senator, hit his head against the body of the vehicle precisely at a place called Mobil Omnisport, before dropping to the ground as demonstrated by the videos recorded by the close circuit cameras (cctv) around the Yaounde sports stadium.

The driver of the Toyota truck is reported to have fled the scense . Severely wounded in the head and unconscious, the DAG of the Presidency of the Republic was taken to the CNPS hospital center in Essos by a local resident who was driving to work.

According to the story it was only thanks to the arrival of the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh that the wounded DG , who was previously unidentified was taken care of by the staff of the hospital.

As we write,Hessana Mahamat is still under intensive care at the CNPS hospital center.


By Anja Terence

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