Cameroon jails protesting soldiers

Report says some twenty seven (27) soldiers were transferred to maximum security prison of Yaounde -kondengui in the evening of Sunday 13th,August 2017.All 27, from the air force are among the soldiers who blocked the road in the far north region last June in protest .

The soldiers are currently engaged in the war against Boko Haram were striking over two year’s unpaid salaries and expenses that they said they were owed.During their protest,they took up arms against the advice of their military hierarchy and blocked national roads after dismantling their posts at the frontier.

All of the striking soldiers returned to barracks after discussing with army generals. It is not clear how much money the soldiers demanded.

Soldiers in northern Cameroon operate in one of the region’s most dangerous areas given the frequent suicide attacks perpetrated by terrorist’s sects, boko haram.

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