Cameroon-Mark/Ivo v Dr. Akih: do terrorists go to court?-Akoson

“Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta are Terrorists” Mr. Benjamin Akih.

In the 2003 law suit by SCAPO & SCNC (on behalf of Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia ) against La Republique du CameroUn; Biya’s defence lawyers tagged our leaders as terrorists. But they were shocked by the reply the court (the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights, ACHPR) told them.

Hear the court inter alia; “…These people have dragged you before the courts; do terrorists go to court?…”

The same shameproof Biya regime has gone further recently to tag us as extremists and terrorists. It doesn’t end there. A certain Benji Akih (who calls himself a professor) has written to the governments of Belgium and USA to treat our heroes – Mark and Ivo as terrorists!

My Comment : This half – baked Southern Cameroonian (whose mother is Bamileke – and we hear the mom cannot even confidently point to who his dad is) –MUST NOT use our struggle to beg for appointment in La Republique du CameroUn. We have a huge book of who our traitors are; from Yang, Musonge, Tabetando, Atanga Nji, Ekema Patrick to nitwits like Benji, and all others in the tiniest villages. We have all your names. Support, dine and wine with the oppressor – enjoy your last! But whether you like it or not, the Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia must be liberated. Ask yourself why Biya is now considering to discuss federalism. Ask yourself why they are now appointing our people to strategic positions. Ask yourself why they have created the Common Law department of the Supreme Court, why they have exponentially multiplied number of DOs. Now, they are planning to get an ‘anglofool’ as President of the Senate or National Assembly. They are doing all of these because the UN has called them behind and said, ‘listen, these guys have a strong case – there is no treaty of union. When we hear gunshots, we will come’. So, traitors, enjoy your last!

Meanwhile, our people have continued to punish defaulters of their rules. The car of the CPDM Section President for Ngie, Mr Ubangoh Helly was burnt down last night by unidentified persons. The people are wounded, stay clear! You are either for us or against us. No sitting on the fence – choose your side – the people or the oppressor.


From a federalist to an ‘ independentist ‘. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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