Nigerian consulate Buea,Cameroon  have been  reliably informed by a source in Buea that the Nigerian high commission in Cameroon is threatening to close it’s consulate in Buea if internet is not re-instated with immediate effect.Our source fears this will create choas amongts the many Nigerians living in the South West region and will take the current Anglophone strike to another level ,that is if the Nigerian government decides to  close the consular office.



The Biya regime cut Internet connections  in the major towns of the country’s two English-speaking regions to avoid pictures of the regimes brutality on Anglophones being relayed to the outside world. The action comes as a months-long strike by local lawyers and teachers intensifies. And now the population say the government is letting French sideline English in the bilingual country,and are demanding separation or federalism..

Mobile phone companies have not issued any official statement about the internet cutoff. But  agents have told worried users that the government is threatening to withdraw their licenses should they not suspend internet services to these two regions.
No online money transfers and payments can be made in this two regions and press reports says Western Union is preparing a case against MTN,because it is unable to operate given the current internet blackout in former Bristish West Cameroon.

The biya government  resorted to arrest after failing to  corrupt  leaders in an ongoing dialogue and force children to go back to school on but the Anglophone consortium insist going to school with the problems solved will mean living with without a future.

A warrant of arrest from the government of Cameroon is enough to sentence you and the regime has embarked on a massive arrest of Anglophone from all works of live from kids as young as 7 to judges.

In Bamenda three teachers were arrested Saturday and last January,21st 2017 a Teacher of Government Technical High School Nkambe, was arrested  in Nkambe at about 5.30 a.m  by armed police men and gendarmes, BIR and Army,sent by the French colonial administrative representatives la republique du Cameroon forces.

Wife recounts the incident. ” when we heard a knock at the door, one of my children went to open the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw guns pointing at him. The children started screening. You can imagine how traumatising it is for children to watch their father being carried away by gun men. The gun men searched and ransacked our house and took away some of my husband’s documents. Right now my husband has been locked up in a stinky cell in Nkambe where he is not even able to eat or lye down. He was locked up without hearing his own side of the story.”.

last 16th of January, 2017 Several teachers including the Principal of CCAST Bambili were arrested and taken to Gendarmarie for supporting the strike and their where about is still unclear ,many are feared dead.

The big questioned is, How can students  go to school when some parents do not know the whereabouts of their own children.
by Evangeline Sih



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