Prime Minister philemon Ebua Yang virtually escaped from the grasp of the irate youths of Nso who had surrounded the entire palace when the PM, the Governor, the SDO’s of NW came calling to plead that the Fons use ALL means to see thatschools go back come Monday January 9 2017.

We observed that the Kwifon (Nwaroong) had confined HRH The Fon of Nso at a scared corner, blocking the PM’s entourage from getting to the Fon.

Yang looked sick and drained. He was heard pleading to the population to let him go back to Yaounde to prepare for the NewYear wishes to Head of State.

The driver of the SDO for Donga Mantung( a certain Christopher) was so vociferous as he declared in a chest-knocking manner that schools must reopen come Monday because his boss has diisbursed huge amounts of monies to chiefs and other journalists to force people to allow their students to go to school on Monday.









He was cautioned by some francophone military men who wondered why an SDO’s driver can be so talkative, until revealing his dirty deeds.

The military guys even added that from their “seeam”, the strike will even go more intensive and even aggressive, given the wrong methods the authorities are engaging.

We hear that a principal of GHS Tumbo, in Ndu is bent on seeing his school reopen on Monday. He is section president of CPDM Ndu.

He and one CPDM official called Neville Ndze are said to insulting supporters of the consortium and the ongoing strike in the Donga Mantung Division.


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