Cameroon ranked among the top wood exporting countries to Canada and the US

According to International Tropical Timber Organization (Oibt) , Cameroon is ranked one of the highest tropical wood exporting countries to Canada and the United States. Oibt reveals that the country headed by Paul Biya exports mainly mahogany to the Canada.

The increase in the exports of this tropical wood variety from Africa has resulted to an increased shipments from many producing countries,with Cameroon and Brazil and Brazil standing out tall.The United States imports mainly Sapelli, another well-known wood variety in Africa, of which Cameroon is ranked among the best suppliers of tropical timber in the continent.According to Oibt, Cameroon shares this first position in exporting Sapelli to the United States, with another Central African Economic Community (CEMAC) country ,the Congo

Recall that (NPA), wood (sawn and logs) is the first export product of Cameroon, with volumes often exceeding 50% of overall exports, excluding hydrocarbons.

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