Cameroon: Romour persist about Biya’s fading Health

We thought the matter was over, but seemingly that is not the case .



Dr. Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou has exposed some facts about the recent maneuvers and gross lies by the  Civil Cabinet of the presidency of Cameroon which now proves that Paul Biya is seriously sick.


Note that it would be very interesting to make a speech the very next day after the appointment of the president of a very important institution like the constitutional council and fail to mention it in the speech. In addition, unlike in 2004, when the Cameroonian ruler was reported dead  but came back a few days later with a virulent speech  denying he died , Mr. Biya apparently choossed to remain silent this time around. The deception was so fake that even the CRTV did not dare to put live during this speech.


A few days after the day of president Biya’s 85  birthday, his first daughter Brenda, sent birthday wishes to his father with an image dating from 2017 on social media. After realising that the said post might expose  and that confirms that Biya is not in good health,an amateur photo shop was quickly made and circulated .



The icing on the cake is the supposed audience granted to the representative of the  Germany chancellor at the unity palace etoudi on February 15, 2018. Investigation reveals that this visit dates back to 2015 as you can see under on the picture  attached  below. In addition, just type on Google: Gunter Nooke’s visit to Cameroon 2015 and you will see that the photos of the supposed visit of three days ago at the palace of unity Yaoundé are exactly the same as in 2015 . Interesting too the same attire is worn by  the two personalities, same reception room with the same decor, same delegation accompanying Mr Gunter and occupying the same position in the reception room. Even more curious, the Cameroonian ruler  did not receive Harriett Baldwin, British Minister of African Affairs who was in Cameroon that same day and whose presence was well announced and known to all.  she was instead received by the Prime Minister philemon Yang.

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