Cameroon Senatorial elections 2018:Councillors taking refuge in bushes in Belo Northwest

Elections into Cameroon’s upper house of parliament or senate clindestinely took place in some parts of the country today in an elections were Councillors are expected to elect senators for a five-year mandate in an elected widely expected to be won by the ruling CPDM party(-the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement),which has a greater number of councillors.
In Belo ,the capital of the Belo subdivision in the Northwest region ,confirm reports say the atmosphere was tense as radicalised youths claiming for the restorations of the independence of the former British Cameroons stormed the area around 1:30 PM local time blocking main roads and shooting indiscriminately. understands that following the incidence, several Councillors took refuge in bushes while some have been allegedly kidnapped .Not even a Cameroonian army helicopter sent from Bamenda by the regime to re-enforced with air power could normalised the situation.

Other reports from Tombel in the south west region this March 35th, says fierce fighting with unknown gun men who invaded the Peloton Gendarme base and killed four gendarme officers, another two who sustain life threatening injuries were rushed to hospital were the are fighting for their lifes .

Cameroon’s senate is made up of 100 seats. 70 are elected and 30 are appointed by the president as per the country’s constitution. Each of the 10 regions of the country has 10 senate seats.

Since the institution went into effect in 2013, some Cameroonians say it did not serving the purpose for which it was created. It failed to examine laws handed over by the lower house of parliament, reports revealed.

This elections will, in effect, mark the start of a busy electoral calendar of the country to be followed by council, legislative and presidential elections later this year amid total insecurity concerons in the two English areas. 85-year-old Biya, who has been in power since 1982, is expected to seek a rerun, but the clampdown on separatists in the English speaking regions have tainted his rule.

The two English speaking regions have been without Internet for mounths now. On the eve of the senatorial Elections ,Movement of persons were restricted in the two English-Speaking regions of Cameroon as polls open on Sunday for the Senatorial elections because of growing security concerns.

The Governors of the Northwest and South West Regions,lele lafrique and Bernard Okalia Bilai respectively to that effect suspended the movement of persons and goods in the region from Saturday 8pm to Sunday at the same time and on election day from 6am to 9pm.

Both administrative authorities justify their decisions by the need “to ensure the smooth organization and conduct of the…Senatorial elections in conformity with the provisions of ” the law.

The country’s electoral body Elecam on Saturday morning relocated two polling stations in Lebialem and Ndian divisions respectively as a result of recent incidents in those areas.

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