Cameroon soldier kills 5 armless civilians in Far North

A soldier serving in the Cameroon army has reportedly killed five armless civilians in maro ,Far North region.

The army corporal who was deployed to fight against Nigerian jihadist group- Boko Haram opened fire in the night breaking Thursday Feb. 1st on several people, killing two women, a boy and injuring nine other people, said a security source close to Mora.

A security source who confirmed the act of complete madness said,” After leaving the military base, the soldier went from house to house, asking for money and opened fire on those who couldn’t provide”.

According to this same source, the soldier who is believed to have taken Indian hemp was eventually disarmed. has now gathered that the victims are among the internally displaced in the far north region of Cameroon .Their displacement resulting from the insecurity of this border area posed by constant attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram Islamic group.

The situation in Maro was very tense Thursday morning as the displaced persons demanded the head of the author of these killings. Mora is the headquarters of the first sector of the Multinational Joint Force (MFF), a regional coalition to fight against Boko Haram.

Since 2014, when Cameroon began fighting recurrent incursions of the Nigerian jihadist group, this group has killed 2,000 civilians and soldiers .boko haram has also abducted over a thousand people in the far north of the country, according to the International Analysis Center Crisis Group (ICG).

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