Cameroon soldiers kill 2 Malians & 1 Nigerian eating in a restaurant in Mamfe

Two Malians and one Nigerian have been  killed by Cameroon soldiers while eating in a restaurant in
Mamfe, the chief town in Manyu division were sporadic fighting between members of the Ambazonian Defense Force (ADF) and the Cameroonian army has been going for the past week,according to reports reaching

In a situation report  from December 12 -December 17  published by Cameroonconcordnews (CCN),the online news outlet
says at about 8:30am on Thursday Dec.  14th, unidentified gunmen believed to members of the Southern Cameroons restoration foece attacked Cameroon soldiers on patrol. There was heavy exchange of artillery fire that claimed the lives of seven (7) civilians including two (2 )Malians and a Nigerian.

The  foreigners were killed at Tanjong Street far from the place of confrontation. All three had gone to eat in a restaurant in Tanjong Street where they were reportedly shot by Cameroonian troops parading in pickup truck. The soldiers refused to identify the others and the seven (7) victims were buried in a mass grave behind the old council building in Mamfe town .


Over the past week, several events have unfolded in Manyu division  causing panic and  causing   massive exodus from the area.

At about 4.3am ,Tuesday 12th of Dec. 2017, fire ravaged the Mamfe Main Market and 16 stores were completely damage. The cause of the fire has not been established . More than 20 businessmen and women have been rendered bankrupt loosing an estimated sum of approximately 50millions owing to the fact that most of them had stock their shops for the end of year festive period.

It is widely believed the destruction should have been minimized if drivers were allowed to circulate early in the mornings by the military.


A majority of the Mamfe inhabitants have now yielded to the Senior Division Officer’s press release that urged them to relocate to safer zones. The people of Egbekaw have all moved out of their homeland. Manyus have moved to different towns and cities in Southern Cameroons. Bike riders have all left and the streets of Mamfe are empty. Consequently, schools have all been force to shut down.

Fuel worth more 50 million FCFA was destroyed when the army launched a 3-day-attack on the Mamfe business community dealing in petrol commonly referred to as funge. Some dealers complain all their live investment is gone. With the president of the Petrol Union hit the highest.

It is feared these fuel dealers are now redicalisd because of their loses caused by the attack by Cameroon military.

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