Cameroon :Widikum Pastor Prophesies Biya’s Death!!!

President Paul Biya

A Widikum-based Pastor has just told members of his Sunday evening prayer group in Diche I in Widikum Subdivision, Momo Division, NWR that he has seen Biya in a grave five months from now. He told his congregants that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Anglophones.


This therefore means that we have to hold on for just a little more time. Please Biya die even before the prophesied time!

Meanwhile Mamfe, Wudikum, Batibo, Nguti, Manyemen, Kumba, etc have observed Ghost Town 2000%. Also, I have only this Facebook account. If you receive any friend request from Eric Tataw, go through my postings before accepting. There’s a new account with little or no postings. That’s not me.
As if that is not enough, students of most of our schools have started holding anti-11 February meetings. 11 February boycott would be at least 10000% successful, they assured National Telegraph.

On a sad note, Biya, who would die in five months, doesn’t want to die alone. He has arrested one of my colleagues. Please share for Biya to release Tim now and for other students to know that their colleagues are determined to stay indoors come February 11.

Culled Facebook Eric Tataw

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