Cameroon:A People’s Call for ‘Anglophone for Presidency 2018’

Press Release
-Considering the decisive role Anglophones have played since independence for the unity and stability of Cameroon;
-Cognizant of the fact that Cameroon’s reunification was largely articulated by Southern Cameroons leaders backed by its teaming youth both at home and in the Diaspora;
-Given the fact that since Southern Cameroons independence by joining La Republique and subsequent plebiscite, no Anglophone has been President of the United Cameroon;

-Considering the fact that two francophone Presidents have successively ruled Cameroon since independence and subsequent reunification;
-Cognizant of the fact that the nation as one celebrated the golden jubilee of independence in Yaoundé in 2009, the golden jubilee of the Army in Bamenda in 2010, the golden jubilee of Reunification in Buea in 2013, and is celebrating the golden jubilee of the Youth Day this 2016 in harmony;
-Given the fact that Cameroon is made up of two distinct linguistic and cultural entities, that is, Anglo-Saxon and French entities that makes of Cameroon’s uniqueness;
-Considering that despite giving their all for the edification of a united Cameroon, Anglophones have rather suffered untold structural injustices thereby making them have the general perception that they are treated as second class citizens or a marginalized people when the constitution states that Anglophones and Francophones came together as equals;
-Given that Anglophone Cameroonians made enormous sacrifices in the advent of the reintroduction of multi-parties and democracy in Cameroon in the 90s;
-Considering the mounting insecurity brought about by the extremist sect [Boko Haram] and given the rise of extremist voices in Anglophone Cameroon since the Buea AAC 1 in 1993, like SCNC, SCAPO, SOCALIM, UNO State, etc, all seeking for complete secession from mainstream Cameroon because of prolonged structural injustices meted on them by successive francophone administrations;
Well-meaning Anglophone Cameroonians make this People’s Call as the surest and safest way to keep Cameroon stable and united.
We call on Cameroonians across-the-board who are interested in seeing a strong and united Cameroon ready to emerge in 2035, to join hands in making sure an Anglophone takes up Cameroon’s Presidency in 2018.
That the Anglophone candidate be s/he from the ruling CPDM or opposition coalition MUST have been born after independence and is at the same time perfectly bilingual and ready to safeguard the two sub-systems of education.

That by Anglophone is meant a pure breed Southern Cameroonian who has been raised in the Anglo-Saxon tradition.
That 2018 should mark the beginning of a ROTATORY Presidency between Anglophones and Francophones for an exemplary and inclusive Cameroon where everybody is part of the building blocks.
If you believe that Anglophone Cameroonians have been ‘heirs in waiting’ for the past 50 years of independence, kindly take part in this campaign whose results would be presented to parliamentarians during the March Session of parliament. Show your commitment to this campaign by going to our #Anglophone4Presidency2018# to sign up.

Also send all correspondences concerning this campaign
To: [email protected] [email protected]
Done this day in Bamenda 10/02/16
Gwain Colbert

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