Cameroon:Alleged perpetrator of the rumour of the Supposed death of Biya revealed

The rumour of the supposed death of president Paul Biya appears to have been a hoax . But who perpetrated it in the first place? According to Columnist Patrick Mballa, fingers are pointing at French Cameroon born activist Brice Nitcheu as the source of the rumor that 85 years old Biya died after admitted to an Intensive Care unit in a Geneva based hospital.

To support their claims which English speaking Cameroonians believe is a complete distraction on the current genocide going on in the two English speaking regions of the country, a photoshop claiming to be Biya in intensive care was also widely circulated widely on social media. For the perpetrators, Germany is complicit in manipulating national and international opinion. They have further stressed again that it is undeniable, that Paul Biya has been DEATH for two weeks in Switzerland and Amy information denying this is a double standard. Even the photo showing Mr Biya and wife cutting the 85 birthday cake of the African ruler has been described as photo shop by another source too.

But president Paul Biya according to reports reaching intends to finish his mandate and will stand as candidate for the presidential elections due this 2018 in Cameroon.

On February 15, 2018, Paul Biya granted an audience to Günter Nooke, the personal representative of Angela Merkel in Africa ,of which this publication reported. The meeting which took place in Yaoundé was to explore ways to strenghthen the cooperation between Germany and Cameroon,presidential website reported.

At the end of the audience which lasted for about an hour, Günter Nooke explained to the press that this meeting followed the European Union/African Union summit which was held on November 29-30, 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory coast

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