Cameroon:Biya relaunches investigation into the purchase of 2 chinese ma60 by Alain Mebe Ngo

Le nouvelle Expression (LNE) publication on November 8, 2017, indicates that the case of “MA60 planes” purchased by the government of Cameroon is not yet closed.

Accordibg to the paper since last month, a mission of the Minister delegated to the Presidency in charge of the State Supreme Audit has relaunched investigations into the acquisition in 2011 of two aircraft MA60 of Chinese manufacture.

Without being precise, the newspaper says that “it seems that for some time now State investigators have been in possession of compromising documents which indicate that the purchase is surrounded by a financial scandal involving regime barons”.

Shortly after the acquisition of the aircrafts six years ago controversy begun with some observers criticizing the quality of the planes given poor safety standards recorded worldwide. Others protested against the price deemed high purchase.

Two aircrafts had been purchased at a price of 34 billion FCFA. An amount considered exorbitant given that neighboring Congo had acquired the same aircraft at 7 billion FCFA / each almost at the same.The President of the Republic, Paul Biya, had ordered an investigation in 2014, gathered.

According to LNE, the results of this investigation have since been transmitted to the Head of State. The investigation would have revealed that both planes were priced and the personalities involved in the new investigation are numerous, says the newspaper quoting Robert Nkili, Edgar Alain Mebe who had received the first MA60 as Minister of Defense, Jules Doret Ndongo, former Secretary General of the Prime Minister, Sévérin Magloire Fouda, former economic adviser to Paul Biya etc.

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