Cameroon:Buea Sect gives Feyman 7 days to spend 720 million fcfa

Williams Angwafor testifies making a lot of money after a ritual.

The 28-year-old ‘Feyman’ based in Buea in the Southwest region, has been give 7 days by a sect to spend 720 million at risk of dying, local sources say.

The sect which helped Williams Angwafor become a millionaire revealed to him that he had only two weeks left to live.

Williams Angwafor, better known as “Golden Boy” admitted knowing the sect in Bangem through a friend. At the time, Golden Boy was struggling to make earns meets as a car washer and bartender when his “generous” friend decided to help him.

“The guru sacrificed three goats and a fowl, and he made some incantations at the ceremony. He then gave me a ring to wear whenever I want to use my computer to scam. ” Williams Angwafor said.

The young man testified that he made a lot of money after the ritual.
“I made a lot of money scamming on the net. I usually spend around 500,000 FCFA a day on women and friends. I have eight lovers with whom I make love almost every week. Through fraud, I bought six luxury cars and three buildings, including one in Yaoundé, “he added.

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