Cameroon:Ephraim Inoni and Atagana Mebara to be freed on 13 June?

Ephraim Inoni and Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara

More than four years since former Prime Minister Chief Ephraim Inoni and the former Secretary General of the Presidency Atangana Mebara were sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Special Penal Tribunal in Yaounde in connection with the case of embezzlement of public funds State of Cameroon and Ephraim Inoni & Co, Inoni and Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara will appear on 13 June at the request of the Supreme Court.

This summons of the two former barons of the regime , imprisoned since September 2013 to the Supreme Court it would appear is a desire to revoke the punishment against them . They were accused of embezzlement of 1.7 billion CFA francs, but the two men have always denied the accusations against them.

Although the laws governing the Special Criminal Court provide for 6 months for ”


According to the Cameroon-Concord , the files of the two former Barons of the Biya regime was intentionally delayed at the Yaoundé based Court for an unknown reason.

Many observers argue that the head of state may well be behind this decision to reconsider this case and why not grant his two ex-collaborators leniency. This might be a way for Paul Biya to resolve to silence the English crisis by releasing the Chief of Bakingili, Ephraim Inoni.

As a reminder the Special Criminal Court in September 2013, apart from the sentencing of the former Prime Minister and also sentenced the former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroun.

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