Cameroon:Gendarmerie truck rushing for back in D’la kills many in Buea is getting conflicting figures of the number of people killed in a road accident at the malingo junction Buea this evening.Sources say atleat 10 people lost their life which this reporter has not been able to verify independently as another talks of 6.

Eyewitness account say a National gendarmerie truck is which was runnjng at the speed of light is the origin of this accident which caused several deaths and more than a dozen wounded. More than ten taxis were also crushed in the accident.

Ground reports says the wounded were immediately transported to a local hospital.Gendarmes who arrived at the accident sense began shooting gun and tear gassing the population causing serious Pandemonium
as the Population responded with stones and objects.

A security source has informed this publication that the gendarmes were heading to the economic capital Douala as backup for the banned SDF public demonstration tomorrow.
The cause of the accident is still unkown to

At viewers discresion please watch video and photos from malingo junction Buea  this evening below.



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