Attacks on SCNC activist, Dr.Ayaba Cho Lucas, in Belgium.

Dr.Ayaba Cho Lucas
Cameroonian government agent attacks and assaults SCNC activist Dr.Ayaba Cho Lucas
La Republique du Cameroun agent in Belgium attacked leader of the Ambazonian Governing Council Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas, shortly after a meeting with Consortium provisional leader Mark Bareta. The agent is on the run according to Belgian police. The AGC leader is reported to be responding to treatment.

There have been many threats directly and indirectly to all Southern Cameroonian leaders living in the diaspora.A few weeks ago, Cameroon’s minister of communications said in a statement that the government will be seeking the deportation of all activists from foreign countries and come back and face justice in Cameroon.

Last week, a regime loyal newspaper in Yaounde had on its frontage the image of consortium leader Tapang Ivo with the caption WANTED! The government of President Paul Biya is becoming more and more frustrated as it gradually looses grip on the Anglophone regions of the country.


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