Cameroon:Mbanga in shock as Music icon sets own house in flames

Maurice Njoume

Cameroon’s music icon of the 90s and author of the hit song “”Maïmouna” and “Aissatou”” burned his own house to ashes in Mbanga -litoral region. According to him, his family have been tormenting him, he is angered by his relatives who wanted to dispossess him of the land inherited from his father,reasons  Maurice Djoumè set fire to the house  he built himself.



The latter without worrying about the fate of neighboring houses, sprayed the family home with fuel and set fire to it on the morning of Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Pure madness! Exclaim several in the neighborhood, who still do not understand that their music icon whose songs  they still enjoy today, could have done such an act.

His younger brother said he can not explain what went through his elder brother’s head. But following what happened before the incident , one might conclude that this was a violent outburst of anger.


“My brother had planted a small flower here in front of the yard, and on Monday our father came in and uprooted the flower .” My elder brother asks him why he is doing this, “he said, swinging his hand behind his ear. It annoyed my grand-brother who decided to cut off the light in his absence. On his return around 4PM , got angry saying why he was cut off the light while he Pays his receipts.

He then began to say he will burn the house. We did not think he was serious, “said one of the nieces of the artist. Around 7pm Maurice Djoumè  sprinkled fuel Around and inside the house, inviting everyone to go out before setting it albaze and walked away.Before committing his pyromaniac act, Maurice Djoumè took care to remove his guitar and his gold record, 2 precious objects of his years of glory as an artist.


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