Cameroon:More than 50 armed military men surround Hon. Wirba’s residence in Jakirri

More than 50 armed military men surrounded the residence of Hon.Joseph Wirba in Jakirri yesterday according to local reports. source close to the family has also confirmed Wirba is still at his home and has been put under House arrest .

Wirba is in the house and refused to move even after he was hinted that the military was coming for him. The SDF MP for Bui south special constituency says from the way the military behaved and conducted themselves he is not sure of what may happen to him. But one thing he knows is that he is resolved not to go anywhere and is ready to pay any price for the liberty of the people he is representing and should he pay the ultimate price as is evident.

Soldiers surrounding his house were seen taking photographs and stayed there for about two hours or more but did not enter the house.

He has chosen to remain indoors, more so because his Car Particulars have been confiscated by soldiers who threatened to impound his car last Saturday on alleged grounds that it was over-loaded (an incident which BBC Africa radio report Sunday morning).

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