Cameroon:Pro-Biya Anglophones in the USA call Bareta News, a terrorist organization,who’s next?

Mark Barata.
Detractors to the on-going Anglophone quest for self-determination have oncemore engaged on a futile misrepresent the popular intentions of the Anglophones. As part of their plan to weaken the momentum of the struggle, Akih Bernard has filed a report against popular civil rights activist, Mark Bara.
Benjamine Akih kumgeh.

Under the deceitful canopy of the group ‘English Cameroon for a United Cameroon’, the Doctor in Engineering from Syracuse University effectively undermines the aspiration of Cameroonians without any indication of his or his group’s political option for their purported ‘united’ Cameroon. Eventhough, his fears for a civil war may be justified, Dr Bernard Akih intentionally fails to mention the primary demands of the Anglophone Consortium leaders, who continuously sought peaceful means of international self-determination through Federal Status.

It is true that these leaders, lawyers,teachers and the civil society were not only banned from exercising their civil rights, but were shot at, some jailed and others fled to exile in order to protect a heritage they hold dear.

His one-sided claim to represent the people of Southern Cameroons (also known as Ambazonia) completely failed to mention the killings, rapes, abductions and state terrorism perpetrated by La Republique du Cameroun’s military against this peace-loving people whose aspirations count for nothing to successive French Cameroon regimes – their colonial master.

With a critical look at the claims of this doctor, it is difficult to dissociate his claims from a well-calculated diplomatic scheme by Cameroonian Ambassador to Belgium to suppress the diaspora’s representation of Southern Cameroonians.
Read below Ben Akih’s thoughts about Mark Bara



by Moh Mbwam

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