Cameroon’s largest opposition party SDF Boycotts parliament

MPs of the Socail Democratic Front (SDF) of Cameroon have boycotted the opening ceremony of the 3rd parliamentary session today 14-Nov-2017.

The MPs of the leading opposition party, announced their strike action during the committee delibritions and the various plenary sessions to push the government to find a definitive solution to the anglophone crisis.

The deputies met on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 shortly after 11 am at the Ngoa-Ekelle Chamber in Yaounde for the solemn opening of the 3rd and last parliamentary session of the year 2017.

In the presence of Martin Belinga Eboutou Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, members of the Government, the President of the Senate and the elected representatives of the people who answered present, Cavaaye Yeguie Djibril, President of the National Assembly for 25 years, delivered his traditional opening speech. A keynote address focused on the economy, agriculture, security and the anglophone crisis.

Above all, a minute of silence was observed to honor the memory of the men in uniform killed by suspected separatists last week in the English-speaking regions of the country.

The deputies of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), all responded to absent subscribers. During the opening ceremony, they were all gathered at the regional headquarters of the Sdf in Olezoa district in Yaounde(photo attached below )

The decision to boycott the opening ceremony of this 3rd parliamentary session, is the first action of a series whose goal is “to force the hand to the government so that it finds a durable solution” to the Anglophone crisis that has lasted since more than a year

“All members of Parliament and senators are gathered here in view of the troubling situation of our country. The crisis continues in the South West and North West Regions. And the government did nothing to find a solution. We believe it is now time for parliamentarians in accordance with Article 4 of the constitution to take their responsibilities in hand. It is a question of how far we can, in our own way, expose to the public, to the national and international public, the serious situation that prevails in our country, in the two regions of North-West and South-West. We must find a happy exit to this crisis, “explains Jean Tsomelou, General Secretary of the SDF. He also recalled that the opening ceremony of the third parliamentary return to the Senate will also be boycotted Tuesday afternoon at the Palais des Congres in Yaounde.

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