The president of the Republic of Cameroon and his team are in gross violation of the constitution that he created the constitutional council for. Currently this council is illegitimate. Per the constitution article 51 on page 31 of the constitution that I earlier posted here, the president nominates three members of the constitutional council. The president of the Senate nominates three members, the president of the National Assembly nominates three members as well. Then the higher judiciary nominates two members. For the president to nominate all 11 members is in violation of the same constitution that this sham body is supposed to uphold. I guess they figured that Cameroonians do not read so they can forge their way forward without the populace notice.
In a nation like Cameroon, the constitution gives the President the power to throw out decrees at will. Tell the President something is unconstitutional today, and he will simply patch it up with a degree by noon tomorrow, and then simply move on. He has been doing this for the past thirty five years.
Is it not a waste of time challenging a system of seasoned DICTATORS on the constitutionality of their actions? In a democracy, constitution based arguments and debates, are resolved by the Supreme Court. Every broad minded Cameroonian knows our current president is also the almighty CHIEF JUSTICE of our supreme court. We don’t have a Cameroon constitution!!!
What we have is simply “THE WORDS OF PAUL BIYA”
Make no mistakes about it!!

National Chairman
United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP)

*full list of members of the constitutional council below*

Bonde Emmanuel
Lekene Donfack
Ahmadou Tidjani
Baskouda Jean Baptiste
Atangana Clement
Bipounwoum Joseph Marie
Essombe Emile
Bah Oumarou Wanda
Mme Florence Rita A.
Paul Chosy Nkui
Foumane Akame Jean

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